Meet the Staff!


Daniel: As an avid mine-sweeper player, Daniel has recently joined the PMSL (professional mine-sweeper league) in 2012. He enjoys bagpipes, the color “rust”, and gluing quarters to the ground on sidewalks. Pancakes.

Patrick: I am Patrick Choi, and I’m 14years old. I came to America from Seoul, Korea 5 months ago. I dont speak English well, so if I don’t answer or I did something wrong, please dont think  I’m trying to be mean to you (even words like hi, bye, sorry, and thank you). My favorite thing to do is to play soccer. I’m playing for Athens United now. I will go back to my country next January, so until that time I want to have a good time in Monsignor Donovan Catholic High School.


Maddie: I am Maddie Borst. I am 18 and  a senior here at Donovan. I have been in Catholic schools my entire life and I am looking forward to my senior year and going to college, hopefully at UGA. I also love otters. Like, a lot.


Ansley: My name is Ansley Jordan. I attended St. Joseph’s from K-8th grade, and have attended Mosinor Donovan for the past three years. After graduation I would like to go to UGA and major in Early Childhood Education to become a kindergarten teacher. I am very excited about The Shofar‘s upcoming issues and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!


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