Read this If You are User of the iPhone5

iPhone users took Google map instead of Apple map.

Apple Map

Apple Map

On December 13th, only seven hour after Apple uploaded the iOS6 version Google map on the appstore, it took the first place of the free application chart. This is because Apple map was not better than what customers expected.
Map service was always the point in dispute between the two companies, resulting in Apple making their own map. However it had a lot of problems. Accuracy of searching, and convenience has decreased. Also Apple was missing turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic information, and public transportation directions which Google map had in previous iOS series.
Recently, in Australia, drivers wanted to go to Mildura, Victoria, but actually they arrived in Murray sunset nation park. They were isolated for a while and then they were rescued. On December 11th, Australia district police recommended that use the other map services instead of the Apple map.
About these facts, Apple CEO Tim issued a letter of apology two weeks after the app was released. However Apple hurt their brand value.
Even Samsung is making fun of Apple map. As the picture shown, Samsung has mentioned the navigation service. You can see that Samsung is blaming the Apple map indirectly.



If you are still using the Apple Map, get the Google Map from the appstore.


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