Christmas Time is Here!

Happy Holidays from the St. Cecilia Society Choir!

Happy Holidays from the St. Cecilia Society Choir!

By: Maddie Borst

Before the stress of exams and a big holiday break, Monsignor Donovan has been busy celebrating this Christmas season. We have many Donovan traditions and even some new things this year! On December 4th, we kicked off the Christmas season with an Advent Assembly put on by the sophomores. There were prayers, reflections, lighting of the Advent Wreath, and of course Christmas carols sung by the St. Cecilia Society Choir! The assembly was a large success and looks like it will be added as another Donovan tradition.

Wednesday, December 5th, was also a new event for the school. We had our first Christmas concert from both the band led by Mr. Engenhauser and the St. Cecilia Society Choir led by Mrs. Holm-Smith. Together they performed the classic Peanuts carol, “Christmas Time is Here,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman,” “Oh, Christmas Tree,” and finally the “Ode to Joy.” They performed several more songs seperately. There was a large turnout and the concert went very well.

The Ram Band!

The Ram Band!

The very next night was the Christmas Parade of Lights in Downtown Athens! The theme of this years parade was Charlie Brown. Mrs. Price, Mrs. Conner, Mr. Engenhauser, and Mr. McMaken along with many students worked tirelessly on our float for the parade. The costumes were phenomenal and many students starred as the cast of Charlie Brown. Behind the main float was a truck carrying the St. Cecilia’s Society members and the Ram Band in a trailer. As the parade went on the band and choir members sang “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen,” and “Christmas Time is Here,” and waved to the onlookers of the parade. It was a huge blast, and we promoted out Mardi Gras party as well as the upcoming Christmas at Donovan.

That Friday night the Winter Wonderland dance was held. The Sophomore class worked very hard to decorate and plan it. The dance was a big hit and many students came and had a blast, although the majority of students would agree that Ms. Juhan and Mrs. McGehee had more fun than any student there. From 7 PM to 10 PM there was dancing, food, music and lots of fun!

The Peanuts Cast!

The Peanuts Cast!

Another Donovan tradition took place on Sunday, December 9th. Our annual Christmas at Donovan was a huge success this year. As every other year, Donovan holds an open house where you can take pictures with Santa, have story time with Mrs. Clause, and even have a football signed by Vince Dooley. There is also a Secret Santa Shop for children, carols with the St. Cecilia Society, music by the Ram Band, arts and crafts, and yummy treats for all! Many students and parents came to help out and many families came to enjoy the fun. This Donovan tradition brings new fun every year.

Every year at Monsignor Donovan Catholic High School, we have many traditions to share amongst our Donovan family as well as other members of our community. Our tradtions grow every year and we even add more as the years fly by. For many people our memories during Christmas time at Donovan are those that could last a lifetime. We hope that in 10 years our Christmas traditions and events will grow so that we can share our love for Donovan with many more members of our community so that our family can grow even larger!


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