Have Some Chocolate! You’ll be Smarter!

Everything that you are doing is important. But the most important thing is health, because everything comes from healthy body. When you get a healthy body, and you get a healthy mind, you get everything OK. For a healthy body, you should have regular life habits, exercising, enough sleep, and healthy foods. I decided to write this article about healthy foods for this article.


-Fish with blue back

Fish with blue back

Do you forget something often or are you not good at memorizing things? You should have fish with blue back which includes lots of DHA. DHA is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid which our bodies don’t produce, so it’s very important to intake DHA. DHA helps your brain to work more actively.



Are you tired of getting tasteless healthy foods for your brain? Have some chocolates! One of the ingredients of chocolate (especially dark chocolate), cacao includes phenylethylamine and endorphin, so it helps you to get rid of stresses and focus on what you are doing. But too many chocolates are not good for health.




Are your bones too weak, or do you hate to drink some milk? Then you should have some beans which contains lots of isoflavone. Isoflavone keeps your bones from breaking. It makes your bones stronger. It prevents osteoporosis and various other bone disease. But if you have calcium with sodium, sodium will be stuck on to calcium and will be go outside of your body.



Do you want to be taller? You should have some anchovies. If you don’t intake enough calcium, then your body will melt your calcium in your bones, and that can decrease your height or bend your backbone. Anchovies have lots of calcium, so when you don’t feel like you want to drink milk, just have some anchovies for snack. But also if you have calcium with sodium, sodium will be stuck on to calcium and will be go outside of your body.

Heart (blood)

-Green and orange vegetables


Are your hands and feet cold even you’re in a warm place? That’s because your body doesn’t circulate your bloods well. To circulate your bloods better, you should have green and orange vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, spinach and tomatoes. They have various kinds of vitamins, so they clear your blood vessels.



There are two kinds of cholesterol. There are bad one and good one. Keep your good cholesterol, but instead, you should get rid of the bad cholesterol which disturbs your circulation of bloods. When you have blueberries, they have the function of getting rid the bad cholesterol, so they help your circulation of your bloods.




The average sodium of foods Americans have per day is the second highest in the world. That means the foods are sensational for your stomach. Lettuce includes lots of vitamin U, and it is good for keep your stomach from getting stomach diseases like gastritis.



Early in the morning, when you were late to school and didn’t have breakfast, you may feel your stomach is burning, because your gastric mucosa doesn’t do its work. To feel better when you come back home, have broccoli. Broccoli has a plenty of vitamin A, so it helps to form gastric mucosa, and it protects your stomach.




Do you want to have elastic and flexible skin, and keep your skin from ageing or pimples are coming out? Then have some fruits, especially sour fruit, because they contain lots of vitamin C. If you have fruits regularly, you will have the skin that I mentioned.

By Patrick Choi


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