Fun 5 facts you didnt know

These are fun 5 facts you didn’t know

Do you want to know exiting or useful facts? These are some fun facts. Some facts are just for fun, others are for using in not good situation. One day you will be glad at you read this article.

1. Trick of your body

Twisted lips

You think you can perfectly control your body? Then try this fun fact. Twist your upper lip, and twist your lower lip on the other side. Then touch the middle of your lip with something. You may feel that two of something is touching you. Another example is, try to touch your left second finger to your right second finger like 3inch in front of your eyes. You may see a thing which looks like a sausage.

2. Trick of a coat hanger

Put it on like this

Put a coat hanger on your head like the picture shown, and don’t read this article below this sentence until you put a coat hanger on your head. Can you feel anything? The truth of this coat hanger is if a tip of the coat hanger is pointing left, your head turns left  automatically.

3. When your book got wet

Did your textbook get wet and you have to bring it tomorrow to school? Then try this fun fact. Shake off the water as much as you can. Then open the book halfway and put it into the freezer. Tomorrow morning, just bring that book to school as usual.

1)     I prepared two group of ten piece of paper, and bend them like a book.

2)     I Made them wet

3)     I put the ten piece of paper in a freezer, and put another ten piece of paper in outside.

Result: Left side is the freezer one, right side is the outside one. As the picture shown below, paper of the freezer one is straight, but paper of the outside is curvy. Also the freezer one dried faster than the outside one. For this experiment, you have to make sure that there is enough space in the freezer, so the water can evaporate.

4. Coke rocket

Coke rocket

Do you want to make a cool simple rocket? Then try this fun fact. It’s just 2$. Buy a bottle of 1.5L coke and mentos. After you buy those, go outside and put 6mentos inside of the coke as fast as you can. Also you should have to close the lid as fast as you can. Then shake it a little bit and then your throw it on the ground. Make sure the lid part is facing you, so it goes away from you. Then just enjoy your rocket. Coke rocket video.

5. When a baby is crying

Crying baby

When a baby is crying, and it annoys you, then try this fun fact. Turn on a vacuum cleaner. The sound is similar to the sound that babies hear in their mom’s stomach. If you did that too much, and a baby got used to it, then there’s another fact that you can try. Follow the baby’s cry. When you pretend that you are crying, baby will stop crying. But make sure you do that for a while, because when you stop crying, baby begins to cry.

Video for vacuum cleaner. video for follow crying.

By Patrick Choi


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