Dear Women of the World…

People aren’t perfect and I don’t expect anyone to be. Men are full of problems and issues all on their own but today I’m going to discuss the things that women can sometimes do that annoy men. I mean no disrespect and everything I write has none of my own bias. I interviewed very many men from all over the Athens area and have consolidated their complaints as well as suggestions for said complaints:

Problem #1: Leading on

According to every man who I have interviewed,  every single one of them has been led on by a girl who didn’t have feelings for them at least once or twice in their lives. Some, sadly, even more. What usually happens is that a boy likes a girl and shows his affection. Then this girl enjoys the boys attention and thus keeps him “on her leash”. She keeps the boy around simply for his affection and barely gives him any of her own. Then it would seem that when the girl finds someone she is actually interested in, she leaves the boy who was on her leash, hurting him.


This solution took me a long time to conjure up. I had to take much advice and many suggestions from my interviewees. Ladies, please don’t use men for the attention that they give you. It’s so unfair and just plain cruel. If you want attention, get a puppy. If you’re leading someone on and don’t even mean to, look carefully at the messages you’re sending. Be up front and honest early on to avoid the pain that you could cause the poor fellow. You may have no idea you’re doing this to him so take the time to see if you are, it will be much more beneficial in the long run.

Problem #2: Questions

When guys are tired after a long day, everything annoys them. Whether its traffic, volume on the TV, or one that gets every guy is questions. Ladies, guys know that you truly care about their day and you only mean well but now is most definitely not the time to ask them. No matter how sweet you are or even how simple the question is, they will be annoyed. So if you ask several questions you are turned into that naggy girlfriend in their minds. Now this situation isn’t just restricted to after long days. Stressful situations, bad days, the middle of the night, or the most common, driving especially when he’s lost. Guys just do not like questions at all. And in my observations of girls, they kind of like to ask questions. They mean well and usually don’t have sinister intentions but guys don’t like questions, so to them you become a nag. It isn’t your fault but it is something to be wary about.


The best time to ask a guy about how his day was is during a meal, going to bed, but usually during a meal especially dinner. Meals are a time to share information and talk about things. That is basically why people sit down to eat together. After asking multiple gentleman about when is best to ask about the day or just questions in general I got the exact same answer every single time, over dinner.

Problem #3 Telepathy

It is scientifically proven that humans cannot read minds. A big problem that I heard about from various men is that when a girl is upset about something or when asked something she believes that you should know, she expects you to know. I have had personal experiences with this and I’ve seen it in others relationships. Ladies, when a guy does not know whats troubling you, please oh please do not get upset that he doesn’t. Just tell him. It makes things so much easier on both parties and the problem can be fixed so much more quickly. Now this problem doesn’t only arise in situations when a girl is upset about something but also the age-old “what do you want for (blank)?” “Oh nothing”. Guys believe that to be a test to see if we have been paying attention to you but almost every time we think we know, we have interpreted something incorrectly. Thus we get confused and possibly angry that you are being indirect.


Ladies please, please, please be direct with men. Every guy I have asked has said that their relationships with girls would be so much better if the girls were just direct with them. Now men can be indirect as well and almost do the exact same things that I talked about in the paragraph above so Ansley’s taking care of that. Ladies please be direct, everything is so much better when everyone is on the same page.


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