5 Ways to Survive Exam Week

By: Maddie Borst

As November ends and Thanksgiving Break comes to a close, a series of tests that are worth 25% of your grade are right around the corner. For some this exam week is easy, some have a hard time with exam week, and some don’t seem to care. Well if you struggle with exam week, or this is your first exam week at MDCHS, here are some helpful tips! 

1. Start Preparing- At least two weeks before the exam, teachers give you study guides for their exams. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, start studying and completing your study guides so that you know what subjects need the most reviewing. You should be well prepared when it comes time to take your exam.

2. Ask Questions and Take Tutoring Time- As you are reviewing, you will most likely come upon questions over material that will be on your exam. If you need help with it, take advantage of the tutoring time your teachers offer. The Monday of exam week is review day, you go to every class and review for your exam, bring your questions with you to class.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep- You get out of your exams at 12:00 PM for a reason, you shouldn’t be up late studying and not getting any sleep.  It’s best to be well rested and well prepared on your exam day, than to be tired and unprepared.

4. Take Study Breaks- Your brain can study and contain information for about 45-60 minutes, so every hour or so take a break. Eat a snack, watch TV, play on the computer, or do anything that does not require lots of brain power. Trying to study for too long will only hurt you in the end. You should only be reviewing the night before a big exam, not trying to learn a semester’s worth of information.

5. Make Sure You Eat- Eat a good breakfast and snack on exam days, during your exams you don’t want to be distracted, especially not with an empty stomach. You have plenty of time to eat and be well rested for your exam, you are healthier when you are well fed and well rested. A healthier you will allow you to focus and do well on your final exam!

I hope this helps you to survive your exam week with little stress and no cramming the night before! Follow these tips and you will be sure to do well on your exams!


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