Presidential Column: TIME TO VOTE!

2012 Presidential Election

The Presidential Column has appeared in every Shofar issue. We have narrowed the differences between the two major parties within the US Political System: The Democratic Party  and The Republican Party. We have also compared the two main party candidates: Barack Obama, Democratic candidate and Mitt Romney, Republican candidate.  In our previous, October Issue, we summarized the three presidential debates and their outcomes. As the election comes to an end, we encourage everyone to put their vote to use, even if you are not 18 yet! Every vote is necessary in the 2012 Presidential Election.Since many high school students cannot participate in this presidential election, we have created a poll for everyone to vote. Who will the Donovan Community vote for the 2012 Presidential Election? Will Mr. President enter another second term, or will we have a new President taking office by the end of November?

Vote and let us know whom you would pick! (this is anonymous, no worries.) 

By: Ansley Jordan


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