Top5 Unknown Surprising World Mysteries

Top 5 World Mysteries

You might be having the same boring routine every day. You wake up early, get ready for school, go to school, come back home, do your homework, have some free time, and then sleep. But every day on the other side of the world, many different kinds of mysteries are happening. There are a lot of mysterious things that scientists can’t explain. What you know is not everything.

1. Crop Circles

Crop Circle

A crop circle is area of a fieldpressed in certain directions so when you see it from above it forms patterns. They usually happen during just one night and their shapes were usually circular, but recently various shapes have been discovered.

There are many theories about where crop circles come from. The theories are that they are made by UFO landings, tornados, gravity, and people. Most people believe in either UFO landings or that people made them.

The reasons people believe that UFOs are responsible for crop circles are that the stems of the crops are bloated but continue to grow. When people try to bend a stem it breaks and doesn’t grow anymore, and people can’t make a crop circle in one night. Although 10% of crop circles have been found to be man-made, no one really knows who made other 90% of crop circles.

2. Area 51

Alien of Area51

Area51, which is a military base, is located in the desert in Nevada. Area51 gets its name from its 51 degree latitude. The technology behind SR71 scout planes and stealth bombing planes and so on were invented in this place. However, this is place is so famous because of the alien related theory.

An example of this is the Roswell UFO Incident. The Roswell UFO Incident was when a UFO is rumored to have fallen down in Roswell, New Mexico on July 2nd, 1947. And the US government moved the UFO and aliens to Area51 secretly. The US government said it was a flying object but in a few hours they changed what they said and said it was a weather balloon. Learn more about this theory here.

3. Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle is triangle between the Bermuda archipelago, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Since 1609, as a record, 17 ships and 15 planes have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. There are various theories but two are more popular than others.

One of them is a tornado theory. When ships and planes go through that place tornadoes swallow them and disappear. Another theory is methane gas deep under the ocean. When the methane gas comes up to ships, that makes ships lose the buoyancy and when it comes up to plane, that sets the engines on fire. However if you compare this to other oceans, the Bermuda Triangle actually has the normal amount of accidents.

Broadcasting corporations and publishing companies wanted people think the Bermuda Triangle is really a dangerous place so they can get attention from people because it’s good for their business.

4. Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth

Have you ever seen the movie name called “Journey”? It’s about how there is another world inside of this world. Some scientists say Hollow Earth, which is the world inside of the world, exists. There are some reasons for the Hollow Earth.

Icebergs are made by fresh water, In North and South Pole, there is only salty water. Scientists, who believe hollow earth, believe that the entries to the hollow earth are located in South and North Pole. Also many different kinds of animals head to north. The north side is not warmer than the south side. It is not good environment to live for them. Scientifically, no one knows why Aurora phenomenon happens and some scientist believe that is because of the sun which is inside of the earth.

5. Confession of Neil Armstrong

Picture of Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, on the date of 2009 March 30th in Florida confessed that he hasn’t gone to moon. As you know he is the first person who went to the moon. But he said that in 1969, Apollo11 did not have the technology to get to the moon and he had to hide this fact because of the US government. NASA denies what Neil is saying. But there are some reasons he might not have gone to moon.

There’s no air near the moon. But when they put the flag on the moon, the flag seemed like it was waving. Also on the moon humidity is low, so he couldn’t make a footprint. But in the picture of his footprint, the footprints are so clear. Last, the shadows of the flag and Neil Armstrong were not going in the same direction. Learn more about this theory here.

Is NASA hiding this fact or is Neil Armstrong lying?

We can’t know for sure if we didn’t see what happened.



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