The Wildest News From Around The Globe

Some news you hear can be funny, or insane or out right shocking. I would like to expose you to the wildest and most strange news stories from around the world. They are completely true and you probably wont believe them. So sit back and read about the wildest news from around the globe!

Cold hard cash

Earlier this fall, Charlie Naysmith of Southern England stumbled upon an unlikely piece of seaside wonder and could now have up to $60,000 in his pocket. To the untrained eye, what Charlie found was just a sand colored rock, but to a marine biologist and fragrance companies its a big chunk of floating gold. Charlie found a large chunk of ambergris, or in layman’s terms, solidified whale vomit. Ambergris is a nasty bile-like substance found in the digestive tracts of sperm whales. When fresh it has a vile odor that resembles fecal matter. But after hardening and floating in the ocean for extended periods of time it loses the bad odor and takes on a smell that can only be described as ambergris. It is not legal to put it in perfume in most parts of the world but in the few places you can you could potentially make a very pretty penny. So Charlie and his family are holding on to the “floating gold” until an expert comes to check it out and determine its exact value.

The face of a cold-hearted killer

According to officials, on Monday morning August 27th, South Texas mayor, William Bolkhe was found dead on his ranch after an apparent donkey attack. His body was found that night on his ranch by sheriff’s deputies and relatives during a search. There were no witnesses except the actual donkey but from tracks founds around Bolkhe’s body authorities say that it had to be the donkey that killed him.

About a year ago a teenage boy wandered out of the forests and into Berlin Germany. He told officials he had lived in the woods for five years with his father after they had been in a car accident. The boy only new his name and only spoke English but with a peculiar accent. He said that his name was Ray and his father had just died and he buried him

Is it not obvious that I’ve been living like an animal for five years?

under a pile of stones and then wandered into the city. He had no recollection of his life before wandering through the woods and officials called him “forest boy”. For the last year, Ray had been living in public housing and was being taken care of by authorities while they try to find out where he came from. Then about two months ago they released Ray’s picture to the public. He was identified in less than a day and in three days several people had come forward with information on him. years old and hes from the Dutch city of Hengelo. After authorities found this out they confronted him and Robin admitted the truth. He hadn’t been in the woods for five years but instead only three days after he left a note in his room and ran away. Robin now faces charges of fraud and will be fined for all that has been provided for him in the last year which now amounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Five days ago a man in Holland Township, Michigan started a fire in his apartment that then spread to eight other units. The fire was started by… get this…a roadkill luncheon, the man, who’s name has not been released, was cooking a squirrel for lunch. The man was removing its fur on the balcony of his apartment when the skin accidentally caught on fire and quickly spread to eight units destroying them and damaging 12 others with spoke and water damage, the water being from the sprinklers.

One case that still raises unanswered questions focuses around two 83 year old women who claim to be the exact same person. Madeline Mores born in Tellancourt, France in 1924 to Albert and Anna Mores and was given away at age seven. Another woman by the name of Madeline Mores was born in Tellancourt, France 1924 to the same parents.  Since then both of these women have claimed to have been given to foster families and then lived rather uninteresting and dull lives. Both worked in a factory, one in a jam factory and then one in a bolt factory. One Madeline, we will call her Madeline 1, moved to Algeria with her husband and lived there for 40 years until her husband died and then she went back to France. When she was back in France, Madeline 1 went to go collect her pension because she was now a very old lady, but when she went to collect she found out that she had been collecting that pension for 20 years already. But here’s the thing, she hadn’t but Madeline 2 had. After DNA tests it came back that Madeline 1 was the “real” Madeline. Here is where it starts puzzling authorities. Madeline 2 was already old enough to be collecting her own pension, which would have been the same as Madeline 1’s. She had no reason to be stealing Madeline 1’s. She also didn’t flee when accused of identity theft or when the DNA tests came back. She completely believed that she was the “real” Madeline Mores. Then the world gets tured on its head. A picture was found from the 1940s that had both women in it. Neither women can remember when the picture was taken or why and both women claim to never have met the one another. Authorities are now going through orphanage records to see if there was a mix up with paperwork that could possibly explain this mishap. Results are still pending.

By Daniel Gallo


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