The Walking Dead Returns

In post-apocalyptic America, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from his coma in a hospital to find it destroyed along with everything he has ever known. To his horror, “walkers” (people who have died and become flesh hungry walking corpses) now roam the streets and dominate the land. They travel in large packs or “herds” and attack and feast on any living thing that they can catch. Rick struggles to find his family in this new broken world and survive, building a new life and relationships along the way.

The show is based off of the graphic novel series of the same name. Although it strays slightly and doesn’t follow events perfectly chronologically, the show is very loyal to the original story line and plot of the graphic novel. The first season had only six episodes and was a type of pilot run for the series to see if the producers at AMC would release the second season based on feedback from the viewers. Receiving critical acclaim and multiple nominations for awards including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Television Series Drama, and a Writers Guild of America nomination. Last year the season two finale grossed 9 million viewers and became the most-watched basic cable drama in history. Because of all of this positive feedback The Walking Dead will return for a third season with a new setting, the prison, and a score of new and returning characters including; The Governor, Michonne, and the incredible return of Meryll! The third season will be using a duel release like the second season where the first eight episodes will be released on October 14, 2012 and the other eight in early spring of 2013.

With some of the best special effects on television, The Walking Dead has received critical acclaim for its “walkers” and the post apocalyptic world that they show takes place in. The story line has several story lines that all intertwine and affect the different people in each story line. With cliff hangers and twists at par with LOST, The Walking Dead has something for everyone. There’s romance, mystery, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, family, and zombies. Who could ask for more?

Some of the content is not for all viewers. There are very intense and disturbing scenes through out the series. when people are eaten by zombies, spoiler, or when zombies are killed. Also, when zombies are chopped up, the sound effects are incredibly disturbing and slightly nauseating. But other than that, the story line is incredible and highly engaging and the third season is supposed to be even better than the first two! The third season will also contain answers to some of the greatest questions of the universe; Who is the lady with the katana and the zombie pets? Does Meryll have a crazy new bionic hand? Find out by tuning in this season!

By: Daniel Gallo


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