Presidential Column: The Debates of the Decade

The presidential column has been a monthly article, which consist of the most popular presidential events going on. This month the presidential debates have been the word around the street. If anyone has tuned in and actually watched these long, anger-filled arguments, you know that both candidates have done well in different areas.

From reviewing the first presidential election held on Wednesday, October 3, multiple things stood out: tax cuts, hand motions and interruptions. Beginning with the opening question, both candidates began to argue. Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, seemed well prepared, aggressive and ready to debate, while Mr. President, Barack Obama the Democratic candidate, seemed a little shaky and off. As the debate dragged on, the audience began to focus more on the interactions and disrespect between the candidates and the moderator, instead of the information being talked about. The interruptions between each candidate and the moderator led the audience to see how each candidate acts under pressure. When the candidates would get heated and upset due to the others’ assumptions, they began to argue with the moderator and disregard any of his instruction. The public was very appauled by this behavior, and expressed to both candidates through the news, Facebook, twitter, etc. the disrespect of this debate. As the next debate began to approach, Americans eagerly awaited the circus they would see. Would Obama be more aggressive and prepared? Would big bird have a guest appearance? And how would the new moderator take charge of the interruptions throughout the debate?

Mr. President, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the first debate of 2012.

After the practice of the first debate, each candidate prepared for a more aggressive second argument. President Obama had many more points to come back at Romney, while Romney still interupted the moderator. Neither candidate took the public’s warnings of their rude interruptions, and continued to disrupt the moderator. The second debate used a more forceful moderator, who took control over the candidates.  She stopped the candidates, even when they tried to ignore her, and led them back on topic and to the next question. Unlike the previous debate, this debate was more conversational and intense. The floor was set up with two podiums, the moderator and the audience encircling them. Throughout the long talks about women in the workforce, increase and decrease in the creation of jobs, security and “I’s” within the debate, both candidates answered questions previously planned by audience members. As the debate dragged on, moments began to occur where a fight might break out. Each candidate settled down and ended the debate without a punch thrown, but the intense stare downs seemed to suggest strong anger being built up. Two debates down, one more to go. What will be the talk around town this argument? Will it lead to almost fights? Or maybe how many binders full of women Romney has?

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama shaking before the second presidential debate.

As the third debate finally approached, the American people sat ready for something exciting. The last debate was focused merely on foreign policy. While Obama has had many chances to experience foreign policy, Romney has not. Throughout this debate, both candidates continued to “buck up” at one another. Many people will say that Obama led the final debate. He took charge and shut down Romney a couple times. One of the most memorable moments from this debate followed a previous Romney statement. When Governor Romney was asked about military spending, he responded with the conclusion that military, navy and air force has decreased in sizes and abilities. President Obama’s sarcastic response was noted by everyone in the audience: “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.” This remark made by Obama towards Romney was returned later with Romney calmly asking Obama to stop attacking him. Although this debate was probably very informational for certain Americans and their interests in foreign policy, to some high school students  and new voters, we’re just ready for these debates to end. The dragged on arguments and back-and-forth between each candidate is becoming obnoxious. These two candidates have a lot more ahead of them, and need to come out strong and reliable.

Watch the most memorable moment of the third debate here!

The more casual layout of the final 2012 presidential debate.

Finally the debates are over! Its time for everyone to pick their favorite candidate and go cast their votes. This election is a very hard and close one, so every vote counts. If you are like me, and cannot vote in this election, come check The Shofar’s next issue for the “Who Would Donovan Have Voted For?” election poll. 

Click here to find out more information on voting in Athens!

By: Ansley Jordan


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