Luke Bryan Takes Over!

Luke Bryan singing to his amazing crowd on Thursday, October 11th.

The month of October consist of lots of new and exciting events at and around Donovan. This month the Donovan community will be fundraising for Red Ribbon Week, and participating in Mix it up day, Halloween and the Luke Bryan Concert. Although this concert was not associated through the school in anyway, many Donovan students made their way to Tucker Plantation for a fun night ahead.

Luke Bryan a country singer, born and raised in Georgia, began his 2012 Farm Tour in early October. Luke Bryan celebrates American farmers and their communities through eight outside concerts in the middle of a field. The proceeds he receives through these concerts provide scholarships for farmer’s children. It allows the farmer’s children to attend a college in a nearby town. Luke Bryan enjoys giving back to his community and has practicpated in this tour for three years.

This year a bunch of Donovan students came together and met up before the concert. We ate delicious food and talked about how excited we were for the concert to begin! As seven began to approach, we started a journey to Tucker Plantation. So many people came out to support Luke Bryan and his Farm Tour. It was an amazing experience that I was able to appreciate not only once, but twice.

On Thursday night in Athens, the concert held many surprises including fireworks, friends and even Justin Bieber. Luke Bryan performed an amazing concert and left a few of us without voices. I was fortunate enough to go to Luke Bryan twice this year. Saturday we made our way to Macon, Georgia to attend the largest Farm Tour concert yet. As Luke Bryan approached the stage, he informed his screaming audience of 16,000, how excited and grateful he was for their support. During this concert he even shared some of his newest edition songs and ended his show with one of his most famous songs, “Country Girl Shake It For Me.”

Luke Bryan singing to his crazy crowd!

As the week drew to an end, everyone rolled in to school tired, yet still talking about the amazing concert they just witnessed the night before. Luke Bryan is a phenomenal singer and supporter of his hometown and state. I recommended anyone slightly interested in country music, to Google his name and learn his songs, so they too can experience an unforgettable concert.

The beautiful firewords and Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour stage!

Luke Bryan pointing to his country girls.

By: Ansley Jordan


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