Is Senior Year What You Think?

The class of 2013, on their Junior College trip.

Senior year is what we’ve all been waiting for right? In middle school all you can wait for is high school and the experience everyone loves to talk about. But once you’re in high school, what’s there to talk about next? Becoming a senior is what every high school student wants to achieve. Senior year means freedom, easy classes, stronger friendships and less than a year until college. But is this what being a senior really consist of? Not really.

Many adults look at seniors as kids who slack off and use senioritis as an excuse for everything. Although this can be true for some seniors, it is not the case for every high school student during their senior year. If you still have a hard time trusting me in this scenario, here are some examples from senior year with my classmates.

On August 6th, 2012 I began my senior year. I will admit, the first day of school was really exciting. Getting to see everyone again and talk about summer is always the highlight of starting school again, but these past three months have been no breeze.
Although my senior year classes have been a lot easier than my junior year, I would not call them easy. Classes are more fun and entertaining as a senior, and there is more freedom; but school is still a challenge no matter what your rank in high school is. My core classes are pretty tough this year, and my electives are all based on writings and projects. Ironically enough, I do not necessarily enjoy writing, and projects always seem to be a drag. As school progresses, information becomes more advanced and harder to understand, which makes this year a lot more difficult than expected.
Along with school projects, homework and extracurricular activities, as a senior you also have multiple college applications you must complete. I cannot even begin to describe how obnoxious and repetitive college applications can be. I am applying to five colleges, which means filling out five general information apps, multiple questionnaires and if I’m lucky, they’ll even throw in some short answer questions. Oh and I can’t forget, when answering the short answer questions, you only have 300 characters to explain in full detail, also known as two sentences, your answer. I have recently found out how hard it is to answer a question within 300 characters. If you have not tried this, feel free to do so- it’s a pain! Overall academic wise, senior year has been okay. Nothing terrible but definitely not how everyone likes to describe it.
Other than school and college preparation, senior year has consisted of craziness. Teachers seem to think all their students do is school and sleep, but we do so much more than that. I am involved in multiple extracurricular activities such as 4-H and Perfectly Polished. Besides the many things I have to do with both of these great organizations, I also have a life beyond these that everyone seems to forget.
“Being a senior means freedom.” While the freedom you are given as a senior sounds great to a freshman, all we want is college. That is the ultimate freedom we are longing to achieve. Everyone I have talked to says that senior year goes by very quickly and I should hold on the memories as best as I can. Honestly, I have no idea what they are even talking about. Senior year is going by so slowly. I feel as if I have been in school for twelve months, when in reality its been three. I guess I can’t complain when it comes to this, because I know when May 18th, 2013 comes along everything will finally be ending. Growing up with all of my classmates for eighteen years will come to an end and we will all begin our new lives in different places. I can’t help but think about this upcoming journey. I wonder where everyone will go to college and who I will stay friends with?
From experience I know that with college comes tons of change. My classmates and I are eager to see where this change may take us all. Although we cannot wait for senior year to finally come to an end, we know these next couple of months will be some of the best time of our lives.
At this point, the attitudes of our senior class has been, “we simply do not care.” This statement is mentioned multiple times throughout the day, but deep down everyone knows we care about school and everyone here, we are just ready for the next step in our lives.

I believe this is what senior year is about- realizing how much you have experienced through your childhood and high school, and eagerly awaiting the life ahead of you. This is why senior year is so much fun and memorable. It is and will be something we as classmates will never forget, and its just begun.

The Seniors retreat shirt for 2013!

By: Ansley Jordan


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