“I’M AN ORPHAN!” Arts Night 2012

By: Maddie Borst

Arts Night Poster!

On Wednesday, October 24th, Donovan students, family and friends will get to see Emily Burns shout out at the top of her lungs at Arts Night, “I’m an orphan!” This line is one of the funny moments in the One Act’s play this semester, “This is A Test,” written by Stephen Gregg and directed by Mrs. Sarah Traut with help from Mr. Patrick Yuran and Mrs. Bonnie Roberts. They have been working very hard on this play with practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And we cannot wait to show it to everybody before we head of to Region Competition on Thursday, October 25th.

Not only will you get to see this fabulous play, but you will also see the St. Cecilia Society sing and play songs like, “Down to the River to Pray,” and “Imagine.” They have also been working very hard to make these songs amazing!  The Ram Band will also play the songs they have been working very hard on. The Ram Band and St. Cecilia’s Society will even be performing together.

“This is a Test” Poster, drawn by Annalise Steffl

Want to get to know the One Actors? Here is your chance! Some members of the cast have shared their bios! These biographies will also appear in your program at Arts Night.

Helen Chapman (’15)

This is Helen’s second year in One Act. She participated in One Act last year in the play Hard Candy, she was the crew. This year she will be on stage as Elizabeth Zimmerman, as the silent artsy cheater. She is looking forward to be on stage for the first time and hope you look forward to seeing the show too.

Matthias Gneiding(’16)

This is Matthias’ first year in One Act. I am the teacher that does not like Aiden.

Ryan Holmes (’16)

This is Ryan’s first year in One Act. He joined One Act because he has always enjoyed acting for recreational purpose. Ryan participates, juggling, Cross Country, One Act, Game Club, and also the Ram Band. This year, in This Is A Test, Ryan is playing Chris; an ADD drummer with an inexplicably annoying habit of checking the time. He is ready to act on stage and hopes you enjoy the show.

Fiona Puthenpura (’14)

This is Fiona’s first year in One Act. She’s really excited about it, so you should look out for her on stage as a chorus character because she’s been practicing really hard! Enjoy the play!

Anna Story (’13)

This is Anna’s first time in One Act. She has been wanting to do One Act since freshmen year but has had conflict with her basketball. However, she found a compromise when she got the role of the basketball phenomenon, Elaine Brum. She looks forward to you enjoying her sick nasty moves on stage and hopes they make you want to come and watch her play on the court some time. Enjoy Elaine.

Emily Shapland (’15)

This is Emily’s second year doing One Act.  She participated in the One Act play last year called Hard Candy.  In this play she played a character named Linda.  This year she is playing a girl name Pat, a chorus geek cheater.  She is very excited to be on stage a second time and hopes you all will love this year’s play of This is a Test!

Madison Watkins (’15)

This is Madison’s second time doing the One Act play. She played Gail in last year’s production of Hard Candy. Her character this year is Lois, the best friend of main character, Aidan. Lois is one of the smartest people in the grade and is always willing to help her friend. Madison is currently a sophomore. She is a big fan of the Georgia Bulldogs and enjoys playing her trombone and watching Doctor Who. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does.

You will also be able to check out all the students’ artwork and some of the pieces will be up for sale. You can also purchase some handmade jewelry done by students. For only $10 you will be provided with dinner and a show. The event begins at 6:00 PM in the Monsignor Donovan Gym. Students have been working very hard to show you all what they can do. Come check them out October 24, 2012 at 6:00 PM!


2 responses to ““I’M AN ORPHAN!” Arts Night 2012

  1. If “This is Not a Test” was indeed a test, it would receive an A+! With a standout performance by Emily Burns and Matthias Gneiding, the play was both entertaining and hilarious. Congratulations to both the cast and the amazing Sarah Traut!

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