The Spiky, Red Collar

Russ, UGA’s interim bulldog mascot, has finally been named Uga IX. For the past two years Russ has been representing the University of Georgia since his first appearance at the 2012 Liberty Bowl after the death of Uga XIII in the middle of the 2010 season. This eight-year-old bulldog was finally named Uga IX on September 15thwith an official “collaring ceremony.”

Newly appointed Uga Ix
Taken from the Atlanta Journal Constitution online

Russ has some pretty big shoes to fill with a 56 year-old line of official English bulldog mascots coming from the home of Sonny Seiler, a Savannah attorney.  The expectations of Russ are large, but he is expected to do very well. According to a quote from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, UGA President Michael Adams said, “I am confident that he will represent the Bulldog Nation very well and continue the grand tradition of Ugas.”

However, not all are excited for Russ’s new collaring. He is not directly in the heir line of the other Uga’s, he has tan spots on his back that proves this. Because there are no available heirs, Russ is the first bulldog that Sonny Seiler will put into the bulldog nation that has not been in the direct line of heirs. While Russ was not groomed to be a mascot, he has been playing the role of temporary mascot very well. Not only will Russ be a unique mascot, he is also not predicted to die young as the past two Ugas. According to the Athens Banner Herald, Lauren Bagley a senior at UGA said, “It’s cool and exciting to know there will be a mascot on the sidelines for a while now.”

Russ being “collared” with a red, spiky collar on September 15, 2012
Taken from the Red and Black online

All opposition aside, On September 15, 2012 at the Florida-Atlantic vs UGA home game, Russ was officially named Uga IX in an official collaring ceremony. UGA President Michael Adams placed a red, spiky collar on Russ to name him Uga IX and said, “Tonight we salute the battlefield promotion of a damn good dog.”. According to the Augusta Chronicle, Sonny Seiler stated, “ We’ve done it lots before and it’s the same   every time -emotional.” With a record of 14-9, we hope the Uga IX will be a great mascot for UGA and continue his overall record of 14-9.

Russ being “collared” by UGA President, Michael Adams
Taken from the Augusta Chronicle online.


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By: Maddie Borst


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