The Scariest List Ever Made

The earth has done its job properly and thus it is Halloween time once more! A time for candy and costumes and Charley Brown and pumpkins. But Halloween time is also a time to frighten yourself and you friends by watching terrifying movies and scaring yourselves senseless for pleasure. So I have taken it upon myself to create a list of movies you should watch for the entire month of October. They way that the list works is that there are 4 different genres of scary movie and each genre has 7 movies in, for the 7 days of that week. There are 4 full weeks in October with 3 days left over so those days are for you to pick your favorites from the list and watch them in any order. The movies go in order from 7-1, 7 being the first day of that week and being the least scary and then 1 being the last day and being the scariest. So please take the time and set up your calendar carefully for the Scariest List Ever Made.

Week one, Monster Movies:

#7. The Fourth Kind: The Fourth Kind is a Mockumentary about psychology patients of Abigail Tyler who all witness the same things and all die in unusual and graphic ways often by suicide. Abigail Tyler then tries to discover what they have all been seeing and feeling and being tormented by until the unknown forces also torment her. Tyler then starts to become paranoid and starts to become obsessed with whatever it is that wont leave her and her patients alone. Very uniquely done, the fourth kind shows actual footage and then the movies dramatizations of that footage, often done by having the two shots next to each other. Highly disturbing and eerie, The Fourth Kind contains supernatural elements, actual footage, intense scenes and highly disturbing elements throughout which make this a great sci-fi/horror/mystery movie.

#6. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Guillermo del Toro remake): Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is a remake of the original 70’s film of the same name and is roughly 4 times scarier. Set in New England in modern day, a house contractor moves into a Victorian house, once owned by a famous writer, with his new wife and daughter. The daughter finds a hidden room behind a wall and finds an old fireplace that has been sealed off by iron bars and hears whispering voices calling her name and telling her to open the bars, so naturally she does what anyone else in this situation would do, she opens the bars. From then on the creatures that were in the fireplace try to catch her and bring her back to the fireplace. The whole feeling of the movie is very dark and creepy and the origin story of the creatures is very disturbing as well as some of the scenes where the creatures kill people. The creatures are very creepy in all aspects and definitely right form out of your nightmares as a child.

#5. Cloverfield: Cloverfield is about a group of friends in New York City throwing a going party for their friend, when a giant monster attacks the city. The friends try to escape the city but are stopped by the monster, parasites that fall off the monster or the military. From the point of view of the friends’ video camera, Cloverfield is uniquely shot and very mysterious. The monster is never fully seen and its origins are never revealed. Full of Easter eggs and inside jokes, Cloverfield is a thriller, a giant monster movie, found footage, and mystery all in one.

#4. The Blair Witch Project: perhaps the most famous movie in the found footage genre The Blair Witch Project is the found footage of 3 young adults who go out in the wilderness investigating the legend of Blair witch. During their journey they become lost and start fighting with each other. Then at night they start hearing noises and they find strange piles of rocks outside of their tents and anthropomorphic hanging sticks that are in consistence with the legend of the Blair witch. Then one by one they are separated from each other and you get to watch what happens. The first half of the movie is really just them wandering around lost in the woods but the second half is intense, startling and will leave you clinging to your seat until the very last frame.

#3. 28 Days Later: 28 Days Later is about a man who wakes up in Britain in the remnants a viral outbreak after being in a coma for 28 days. While wandering the catastrophe-wrecked streets of London he finds 2 survivors and together they try escape London as they encounter infected and murderous gangs of survivors. The whole movie is incredibly dark and bloody. The darkness of the movie makes your skin crawl and is not for those who cant handle lots of jumps and deaths in mass quantities.

#2. The Descent: The Decent follows six women who go cave dwelling in an unmapped cave system, and after becoming trapped are hunted by subterranean flesh-eating humanoid creatures. The entire movie very unsettling and can make you feel claustrophobic as well as disturbed. There are constant jumping and frightening scenes. Not recommended if you have heart or breathing problems or if you are with a friend who screams loudly.

#1. The Thing (1982 remake): The Thing follows the story of a team of scientists in Antarctica who find a Norwegian scientist hunting a dog but he is then shot to death after shooting one of the Americans in the leg. The American scientists then go to the Norwegian research center and find it in ruin. While the Americans are away the dog they found transforms into a hideous monster and graphically kills the other sled dogs it had been kenneled with. Then the Americans find a crashed spaceship and return to their research base and the horrors there that await them. Quite possibly one of the most grotesque movies ever made, the thing is a classic and extremely advanced in special effects for its time. This movie is extremely gross and nauseating in its special effects and is quite possibly the goriest movie ever made.

Week 2, Gore-fest:

#7. The Crazies: Strange occurrences are happening in a small town in Iowa and sheriff David thinks they are all linked and have something to do with the peculiar black tinted SUV that just sits in various spots around town. Then one night, soldiers in gas masks forcefully pull David from his house while he is sleeping along with his wife. They are put onto a bus with other people from the town and shipped to the local high school witch has been turned into a screening camp by the military. People are checked and moved into one of two lines, and then the local firemen break down one of the fences and start shooting soldiers who return fire and kill all of the firemen. Then the towns people revolt and mostly escape and many are shot in the process but then the military saws that there is an out break and all evacuate the town. David, his wife, his deputy, and David’s wife’s assistant try to survive infected townspeople and make their way to the nearest town as well as figure out what on earth was happening. Disturbing, intense, graphic as all and a total jumper, The Crazies is a great starter for this week of gore fest.

#6. Human Centipede: A pop culture and cult icon, Human Centipede is one of the strangest, most gruesome and disturbing movies of all time. Set in Germany and following a scientist who was once the greatest surgeon dealing with separating Siamese twins, the scientist pursues his dream of creating a human centipede by attaching 3 people rectum to mouth and cutting their Achilles tendon so they are crippled and must walk on all fours. Mostly disturbing and not as graphic as your previous notions are, Human Centipede is disgusting and almost comedic when considering the story and acting.

#5. Hostel: while 3 friends are backpacking across Europe, after they stop in a small village and check into the local hostel, one of them goes missing. After then partying with 2 local girls, the two friends are drugged and then pass out. One wakes up restrained in a chair and is then tortured by a business man that he had met on the train on the way to their backpacking site. The other friend wakes up to discover that he has been sold and tries to escape. This film is highly graphic, full of disturbing torture scenes and images and not for the feint of heart or those not used to gory movies.

#4. The Hills Have Eyes: A modern classic, The Hills Have Eyes follows a family on a road trip in the desert who have their tires popped by local mutants who are extremely mutated and deformed from government nuclear bomb testing in the area and inbreeding. Theses mutants then proceed to terrorize the stranded family and brutally murder them and even some of their own. Stock full of brutal murders, disturbing mutants, and plenty of jumps, The Hills Have Eyes is a must see for any gore fan.

#3. SAW: most people have already seen this movie and know what its about but I will enlighten you even more. SAW is the story of a twisted serial killer named Jigsaw who captures people who do not value their lives as they should and makes them endure horrific and painful tasks that generally result in the death of another or causing serious physical pain and trauma on the person. The most famous movie and series in the genre of Tortureporn (not actual porn but a genre of horror movies based on the torturing of people) Saw is full of grisly images, Chuck Klosterman esc. Torture scenarios and twists that will gross you out but leave you wanting more.

#2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original Directors Cut): After finally having been unbanned in the US, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been voted one of the most graphic and scary horror movies of all time. This film follows the story of a brother and sister and three of their friends on a trip to see their grandfather’s grave. On the way they stop for gas and when they cant get any they go around looking for gas and then they meet Leatherface, who proceeds to brutally murder and mutilate them. This film is almost as disturbing as Cannibal Holocaust though not as realistic but still one of the scariest movies of all time.

#1.  Cannibal Holocaust: In what can only be aptly described as a shotgun blast to the senses, nothing can prepare you for what you will see in this movie. The first film ever to be in the category of the found-footage genre, Cannibal Holocaust is a movie about a group of scientists venturing into the amazon rainforest and finding the lost footage of a research team that came before them. The film shows the graphic deaths and horrifying atrocities that the researches committed to the natives and what the natives did in retaliation. This movie is extremely disturbing. After the film was released in Italy, the director and producer were arrested on obscenities charges because it was rumored that the actors were actually killed for the film. The film was also seized and eventually banned from 17 countries. The director and producer were released after proving the special effects stunts used to make the deaths look so vivid and realistic and the bans have mostly been lifted. Animals were actually killed for the film though and they is shown on screen. Once more nothing you have seen before can prepare you for the most controversial movie of all time.

Week 3, Paranormal Terror:

#7. Amityville Horror: In late 1975, the Lutz family moves into their new house in Amityville, just outside of Long Island New York. Little did they know that the previous owner had killed his family in the house only 13 months prior to the Lutz’s moving in. after only 28 days, the Lutz’s move out claiming to have been tormented by paranormal entities. Though much more creepy than actually scary Amityville still delivers if you are looking for a good paranormal movie and an eerie plot to match.

#6. Paranormal Activity: the famous ghost movie that basically started the genre of found paranormal footage, Paranormal Activity follows a couple who video tape their room while they sleep in search for any paranormal activity that might be happening in the house. Starting with minor occurrences they grow increasingly more drastic and physical. Full of jumps and scares that seem all too real paranormal activity is one of my favorite ghost movies of all time.

#5. Child’s Play: a serial killer on the run takes refuge in an old toy store and when he realizes that he has no escape, puts his soul into a doll. Then the next day a boy buys the doll and takes it home with him, which was the worst decision of his life. An instant classic, Childs Play practically started the killer doll movie genre and is one of the biggest pop culture icons in the world. After watching this you’ll never be able to sleep with a toy in the room ever again.

#4. The Grudge: The Grudge follows an American nurse in Tokyo who goes on a house call only to find that the patients are anything but ordinary and that there is a terrifying curse on the house. The curse makes anyone who steps in it die horribly at the hands of murderous ghosts. Containing high amounts of disturbing images, shocking scenes and startling events, the grudge is an absolute must see.

#3. The Ring: The Ring is about a journalist who investigates the death of four teenagers and believes it to be related to a videotape that, according to urban legend, after anyone watches it they will die within 7 days of seeing it. So after watching it she must save herself and her family from what was at first thought to be a hoax just might be real. Very frightening and intense scenes especially when you watch the famed video tape which is full of horrific images and disturbing content though it only lasts about 30 seconds. Only minor blood but otherwise scary as all get out.

#2. Grave Encounters: Grave Encounters is about a team of ghost hunters who are embarking on a quest to reveal the paranormal activities happening at the abandoned Collingwood psychiatric hospital. They lock themselves inside of the hospital for the night and they may have found something they were not prepared for. Far scarier than any of the Paranormal Activity movies put together, grave encounters is one of the best paranormal movies to date.

#1. REC: REC. follows a Spanish news reporter and her cameraman as they cover the night shift at the local fire station. The fire station receives a call from an old woman trapped inside of her apartment. They follow the fire fighters to the apartment building and when they reach the room the woman attacks a policeman savagely and then it turns out that the fire fighters and the journal crew are sealed in the apartment building and are in for one hell of a night. The film contains lots of bloody images and frightening and intense scenes. Most are slightly obscured by darkness and shaky camera work but still very unsettling and violent.


Week 4, Psychological Nightmares:

#7. The Strangers: following a newly wed couple on their honeymoon on a remote vacation cottage in the woods, 3 strangers break into the house and torment them to no end for the simple reason that “you were home”. Gory, thrilling, and jumpy as a frog, The Strangers is a classic horror type film and if your looking for a movie with scares and bad guys that make you sick, this movie delivers.

#6. Vacancy: Vacancyis about a couple that become stranded after their car breaks down and check into a motel. While they are getting settled in their room they watch some of the tapes they find next to the VCR and the tapes contain horrific murders occurring in the very same room the couple are staying in. then the couple realizes that they are being videotaped and that they are next in the line of snuff films. The whole movie is incredibly disturbing especially the snuff films the couple find which look very realistic and can be highly unsettling to some viewers. Lots of jumps and intense scenes make for a great psychological thriller.

#5. Psycho (Original): An all time classic, Psycho is about a secretary, Marion Cane, whom after stealing money from her employer, goes on the lam to a secluded and seemingly abandoned motel where she meets the motels manager who is highly disturbed and homicidal. Perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s best feat in his career Psycho is one that will keep you and your friends on the edge of your seats until the very end.

#4. Silence of the Lambs: the perfect blend of crime and horror, Silence of the Lambs is about the crime case involving the serial killer “Buffalo Bill” and the infamous incarcerated cannibal Hannibal Lector. An all time classic and a movie that plays with your head, Silence of the Lambs is easily one of the best movies on this list and one that you have to see this Halloween.

#3. Let the Right One In: Oskar is a lonely boy living with his single mother in Stockholm. Oskar is regularly bullied by his classmates at school and contemplates exacting revenge on them often. He meets his new next-door neighbor, Eli, one day and starts to form a strong relationship with her. Except that she and her “father” are not at all what they seem. One of the best and outright disturbing love stories of all time, Let the Right One In works on many more levels than just horror.

#2. American Psycho: American Pyscho is a psychological thriller if there ever was one. It follows the daily life and routine of Patrick Bateman who’s daily routine generally consists of lavish and wealthy living in the day and rape, torture and murder in the night. We’ve all wanted to look into the mind of a sociopath and American Psycho gives us that chance and we almost regret it.

#1. Frailty: While some horror movies rely on special effects or graphic scenes of violence, Frailty takes a different route. Starring Matthew McConaughey, the movie chronicles the life of a disturbed father of two who’s convinced his murderous behavior is divinely justified. Full of psychological turns and twists, Frailty pushes the limits on the fine line between insanity and faith.




By: Daniel Gallo


2 responses to “The Scariest List Ever Made

  1. Wow. Great reviews and suggestions. I’ve seen very few of these (5 to be exact) and will probably only watch 1 or 2 more, as I am already haunted by the ones I have seen. Cannibal Holocaust sounds like a great date flick, though. I’ll be sure to bust that one out sometime soon 😉 Also, I don’t know who you are “afterlifeconspiracy,” but real writers don’t use pen names 😉 If you stand by your words (and you should, because you write well) nearly all readers and writers would agree: put your name on them.

  2. OH! It’s Daniel Gallo! His identity has been revealed! I take back the last two sentences of my comment! Excellent list, Daniel. I had no idea you were such a horror film buff. If I had seen that many films at your age, I’d have had to sleep with the light on!

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