iPhone5 vs GalaxyS3

There are two best-selling smartphones as of August 2012, in America. The first best-selling phone is GalaxyS3, the second best-selling phone is the iPhone4s. Actually, the iPhone5 came out September 21, so sales for the iPhone4s decreased. If you didn’t know which smart phone you are going to buy or if you are wanting to buy one of these phones, this article will help you to decide.


Apple iPhone5 VS Samsung GalaxyS3: Price

The iPhone5 16GB’s price is $199 (with contract), and Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB’s price is $199 (with contract).

conclusion: They are the same.

Apple iPhone5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3: Dimension

Apple iPhone5 is 59(horizontally) x 124(vertically) x 7.6mm and 112g, according to Apple.

Samsung GalaxyS3 is 71(horizontally) x 137(vertically) x 8.6mm and 133g, according to Samsung.

Conclusion: If you like a large phone, GalaxyS3 is better. If you like a compact phone, iPhone5 is better.

Apple iPhone5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3: Screen

iPhone5 has a 4-inch Retina display which has a good definition and 1136 X 640PPI (pixel per inch) resolution on it. A benefit is that it is easy to carry and hold. Also, the retina display is clear, natural, and causes less fatigue on the eyes.

GalaxyS3 has a 4.8inch HD Super AMOLED Display which has bright colors and 1280 X 720PPI resolution on it. The benefits are that the screen is wider so it is good for watching movies and going on the internet, but it’s hard to hold it with one hand for a while and sometimes it will be hard to put it in your pocket. HD Super AMOLED display is colorful, bright, and it uses less battery.

Conclusion: If you like convenience and a small phone buy the iPhone5. If you watch movies and go on the internet a lot buy the GalaxyS3.

Apple iPhone5 VS Samsung GalaxyS3: Software

iPhone5 uses ios6 which has more than 700,000 applications and it is also very stable. Every year ios version updates a lot of things and within a year it has small updates also. This year, apple updated to ios6. Apple updated maps, siri, facebook, shared photo stream, passbook, facetime, phone, mail, safari, and accessibility. http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/

GalaxyS3 uses Android 4.1 jellybean which has the fastest development (how many apps there are) in the world. GalaxyS3 doesn’t have the exact interval of updating but they update constantly.

Conclusion: If you like to experience various applications, buy the iPhone5. If you like to change widgets or you are going to use GalaxyS3 for many years, buy the GalaxyS3. http://www.samsung.com/us/galaxy-s-3-smartphone/

Apple iPhone5 VS Samsung GalaxyS3: Camera

iPhone5 has 8MP on the back and 1.2MP on the front. Also, it has a panoramic camera and it can record video.

GalaxyS3 has 8MP on the back and 1.8MP on the front. Also, it can take twenty pictures in one second when you keep holding the camera button.

Conclusion: If you think taking a huge picture is better, the iPhone5 is a better choice for you. If you think taking twenty pictures per second is better, GalaxyS3 is a better choice for you


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