The Top 5 Foods You Didnt Know Were Terrible For You

The Top 5 foods you didn’t know were terrible for you.

1. Margarine

Although margarine is supposed to be cholesterol free and better for you than regular butter and oils, this could not be more false. Margarine is the number 1 source for trans fats and can elevate cholesterol and damage blood vessel walls far more than regular butter or oils ever could. So the next time you think about getting fake butter, just dont.

 2. Whole milk

The cow was domesticated only 8000 years ago. Meaning that the stomach’s ability to digest milk products is completely unnatural and is a scientific and evolutionary mystery. The stomach should especially not be able to digest chemically altered and pasteurized milk which almost all whole milk in the US us. The chemical pasteurization process that milk undergoes completely kills the vitamins and the digestive enzymes, denatures the proteins, reduces the availability of minerals and turns the fat rancid, But we drink it because its “good for you”. Homogenization further renders the fat and protein completely indigestible. Growth hormones and antibiotics are either fed or injected into the cows to make them produce more milk and kill diseases. These hormones and antibiotics contribute to intestinal inflammation, allergic response, fat storage, and tumor growth.

  3.  Quaker 100% Natural Granola and Honey Bits

Although Quaker Oats sound like a perfectly healthy and nutritious morsel, they are actually on the dark side of the food pyramid. One cup contains 528 calories, 28g of fat and 60g of carbohydrates. That’s more fat and sugar than a regular McDonalds cheeseburger. Mother nature had no intention of digesting scoops of oats covered in three teaspoons of sugar and delicious artery clogging fats.

  4.   Movie theater popcorn

A large bucket of unbuttered movie theater popcorn popped in coconut oil has almost three days recommendation of cholesterol intake, in the one bucket, unbuttered. Adding the butter, which is not real butter it’s actually synthetic oil, boosts the fat intake from three days to just over four. That is the equivalent of eating eight big macs and a large coke. Yes you read that correctly, buttered movie popcorn has the equivalent nutritional value of eight big macs and a large coke. Some theaters have switched from coconut oil to vegetable oil but its no better; at the right temperature these oils become rancid and indigestible.

  5.  Ramen noodles

One packet of ramen noodles contain so much sodium that its almost healthier to eat a straight packet of salt. Boasting 1780 mg of sodium per bag of noodles, excluding the little packet of flavoring witch puts it up to almost 3000 mgs. The average amount of sodium intake an adult should have in a day? 2,300!


By: Daniel Gallo


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