UGA Concession Stands- Are They Worth It?

Emily Burns holding the amount of money you can make at a UGA game.

For many of us students, we are constantly hearing about working at the UGA Concession Stands. We get badgered about working every single week. However, these concession stands are really beneficial to our school for many different reasons. So are these concessions stands good or bad? To answer this question for myself, I did some research.

I first went and spoke to the SGA Advisors, Mrs. Nasworthy and Ms. Juhan, both staff SGA leaders had similar things to say. According to Ms. Juhan, the class that works can make anywhere from 600-1200$ in one game because we receive ten percent of the profits made from each game. Mrs. Nasworthy said it best: “ We couldn’t have that many bake sales to make the amount of money we make at the UGA concessions, you cannot beat the money.” Not only do we make lots of money, but there is always a sign outside the stand that shows we are from Monsignor Donovan, and is excellent exposure and recruitment tactics.

Each organization that works the UGA Concession stand each weekend, receives the profit from the game. So at the last UGA Football game, the SGA worked the stand and

Emily Burns, Katie Scherer, and Aiden Bell.

made 800$ that will go into each class account. Ms. Juhan said, “These games give you real world experience working with some people that aren’t always going to be nice.”

So if there are so many benefits to working these football games, why do people oppose them? Well they are usually miserable temperatures and eight to ten hours on your feet. They also take away the majority of your Saturday. Yet, they can still be a bonding experience between you are your fellow workers. If you can make 800$ in eight hours, the heat and the long hours can be endured, especially when you need money to pay for prom.

Maureen Curtis, current SGA Executive Board Secretary said this about the opposition: “People don’t understand fully how necessary the concession stands are and they don’t know that if we don’t have the right numbers of volunteers, we lose them forever.” One UGA game won’t kill you, and working can be fun too. The constant badgering we receive about working becomes worth it when all of a sudden 800$ appears in our class account and we can pay for our next dance, or senior gift.

So we should all really think about trying to put aside our person objections and pitch in to raise money for all the events we put on throughout the year. Sometimes these games actually turn out to be fun, and as many complaints that we hear, these concession stands are actually really important fundraisers!

By: Maddie Borst


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