Things to do in Athens

Maddie in Downtown Athens

By: Maddie Borst

“There is NOTHING to do in Athens.” You hear it all the time from your friends, siblings, significant others, or whomever else you hang out with, and sometimes it can seem like it’s true. Well I decided to find fun things to do in this college town, and I came up with quite a lot. There are things to do for those that are active, music lovers, movie viewers, those that love competition and those that love to look at beautiful things.

For that active group, you can go kayaking. Big Dogs on the River will shuttle you to the Middle Oconee River and you kayak back to your cars. For only 20$ they provide all the equipment, and you get an excursion and a bonding experience with those you kayak with. To contact Big Dogs on the River you can call 706.353.6002 or email

Another way to stay active while having a blast is Zumba After Dark select Friday nights at the 40 Watt. For a small price, you can wear your wildest workout clothes and dance the weight off while having a blast.

Active Climbing on Barber Street is a great place to get some exercise in this indoor rock climbing gym. They have memberships as well as daily passes. It’s an easy way to have fun and get in shape in an afternoon.

Anyone that loves film and movies should spend some time at Cine, located on West Hancock Avenue. This small movie theater shows different types of movies than in the regular movie theatres. Be sure to catch the mid-week deal (Monday and Tuesday) where you can have dinner right next door at The National and see a movie for 29$. Regular movies cost 7$ or 6$ with a student ID.

For those music lovers out there, stop by Hendershots coffee house. Hendershots, not far from Donovan is located on Oglethorpe Avenue. This small coffee house holds several concerts, movie nights, and open mic nights. Most of these events are free, unless you’re buying treats and coffee, which is highly recommended. This cool atmosphere and great coffee is sure to give you a fantastic afternoon or evening.

For those that are looking for a good competition, Locos restaurant on Timothy Road holds a trivia night every Tuesday. You can eat great food and play trivia with your team. Trivia night is a fun way to compete with your friends. The trivia part is free, but the food will cost you, and I must say it is totally worth it.

Finally, for those that just want something beautiful to look at, there are several different options. The UGA Planetarium located on the 4th floor of the Physics building is also Downtown and has some free fun filled evening plans. On select nights, the Planetarium is open to the public to come to watch the stars under the largest telescope at UGA. This years nights are September 7, October 19, November 9, and December 7. This would be a great date night for you and your sweetie.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more artsy and beautiful to look at, you can spend some time at the Lyndon House Arts Center and Museum on Hoyt Street. They have summer camps as well as historic pieces and an interesting history to the house itself.

If you’re looking to play outside, you should head over to the Botanical Gardens on South Milledge. Look at the gardens and hang out with friends for free.

Now that you have all kinds of knowledge of things to do in Athens, go out and have yourself some serious fun!


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