Senior Privileges, the Quest of the Class of 2013!

Maddie spelling out 2013 in the Hannah Rowan Media Center

By: Maddie Borst

As the class of 2013 here at Monsignor Donovan begins their last year, they have been given a quest: to obtain the perfect senior privileges and make senior year awesome.

Last year the class of 2012 was granted a senior lounge where they could spend time during lunch or their study halls. This year, that lounge is no longer available seeing as it is now an office for one of our new staff members. So this leaves the senior class in a rut, where they have yet to decide what rights they would like to be granted.

So what makes the seniors think they deserve to be handed certain privileges? According to Daniel Gallo, “We have been here the longest and had to endure all four years. We put on prom, several dances, and a junior class college trip. Our senior year will be the one we remember.” Another senior, Ansley Jordan, says, “It’s a tradition, every senior class gets them. And this tradition shouldn’t be ended now.”  It seems many high schools in Athens also receive senior privileges as well.

Evan Haggard, part of the class of 2011 at North Oconnee, shared some information in their senior rights,they are granted off campus lunches as well as having the school cater to them once a month. Kurt Crymes, a senior at Athens Academy, stated that they are allowed to leave if they have a free period last period. Cancy Blackwell, a senior at Prince Avenue, said they have lots of freedom their senior year. They go to lunch 5 minutes earlier and are allowed to eat in a separate room from the rest of the school. They also have the option to go wherever they want during their study halls. Less strict study halls and an earlier lunch time sounds pretty good, something seniors should consider during their quest for the perfect senior privileges.

As student council members decided at the last meeting, they will focus on asking for three main senior privileges.

The first privilege they would enjoy is the use of the side doors closest to the parking lot in the mornings. Currently this entrance is blocked off every morning by a pair of teachers monitoring the parking lot. This use of the side doors will become very useful to seniors especially towards the end of the year when senoritis has really set in.

Next they are looking for their own personal microwaves. Everyday you walk into the lunchroom and see a massive huddle around the three working microwaves. This is obviously an inconvenience; therefore, the seniors would like to purchase their own microwaves that are open to their use only.

Finally, the class of 2013 is wishing for the ability to order lunch from places not catered in by the lunch program. Such as Chinese on a friday once a month. Again this will be paid for by the senior class. They are hoping to have lunch catered in at least once a month for the rest of their year.

As the class of 2013 begins to bring their quest to a close, we wish them luck on obtaining their main senior privilege goals as these rights do not seem to be too much to ask for.

By: Maddie Borst


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