Democrats vs. Republicans

Our political parties represented by their symbols. An elephant presented for Republicans, and a donkey for Democrats.

By: Ansley Jordan

Many people in the US, mainly teenagers and young adults preparing for their first voting encounters, do not know enough about our political system and their parties. Our American government is based on two major parties- the National Democratic Convention and the National Republican Convention. Although these two parties are not the only parties in the political games of the American government, they are the largest and most popular. These parties differ in many of their beliefs. They are very involved with the people and the wellbeing of the national government. There are multiple reasons how Democratic and Republican representatives differ. The history behind both of these parties differs as well as their stands on certain issues that are important to the public. So how can us teenagers break down the specifics of both parties? Well, your answer is here!

The Democratic Party was founded in 1824, due to the anti-federalist issues that rose before America broke from British rule. They practice a liberal philosophy. Democrats believe if everyone does their fair share and plays by the rules, America will be a better place. The Democratic Party works to advance problems like job creation, education, health care and clean energy. Although not all Democrats support the issues of the responsibility of the economy, military spending, death penalty, abortion and gay marriage, they are generalized through these demands.

  • Economic ideas: higher tax rates for higher income brackets
  • Military spending issues: decrease spending
  • Death penalty: strong support for this penalty
  • Abortion: pro-choice
  • Gay marriage: support

The Democratic Party has two traditionally strong US states, California and Massachusetts, which consistently vote Democratic through popular statistics. Their symbol is a donkey and their color is blue. Currently the Democratic Senate Leader is Harry Reid and Debbie Wasserman Schultz holds the Chairperson position. The Democratic nominee for the 2012 Presidential Election is Barack Obama.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854, because of the expansions of anti-slavery states. This conservative party, with an elephant as their symbol, has been traditionally strong in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas in the past elections. Republicans believe in a broad range of social services in America and believe that human ideas should be based upon individual rights. Today, the Republican Senate Leader is Mitch McConnell and the Chairperson is Reince Priebus. For the 2012 Presidential Elections, Mitt Romney will represent the Republican Party wearing the party’s color, red. Generally, Republicans have these stands on popular issues:

  • Economic ideas: taxes should not be increased for anyone
  • Military spending: increase spending
  • Death penalty: support for the penalty
  • Abortion: pro-life
  • Gay marriage: oppose this lifestyle

The Republican Party is very different from the Democratic Party in many ways.  These differences allow for the American people to choose which party they believe has the great potential to succeed. The people have complete control over who becomes president and who leads both houses of our government. Both the Republican and Democratic parties may be very different in multiple positions but they bring many views into our government that may not have been thought of without the help of these two key party players.

The American government is very important, especially when it comes to leading America in a successful direction. As upcoming voters we MUST decide for ourselves which party and candidate we as Americans should elect. To become more educated on these topics, check out The Shofar for the next three issues and find more about politics. This is the first of three articles that involves the upcoming Presidential Election in November. Our Novemeber issue of The Shofar, will have a poll for MDCHS students’ to vote on who they would pick as President for the next four years!

The two big canidates for the 2012 Presidential Election coming up this November.
Republican, Mitt Romney and Democrat, Barack Obama.



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