Quotes Heard Around Donovan!

Two students sharing things they have heard around school.

 By: Ansley Jordan                              


We all hear funny things around Donovan, from our teachers, friends, and administrators. The Shofar Staff collectively put together the funny things we have heard these first few weeks of school. These are all anonymous quotes from our school. Enjoy!    






“Want to see my bunny, Mr. Nora?”

“This pen writes like Jesus.”

“So that your feet don’t die!”

“Chiggers went ham on me.”

“I thought the chief went ham on the mom!”

“Well after a smoke, you get a little thirsty!” (sarcasm noted)

“I had a dream about you. You were benching and I was the bar..”

“Your boat, is not my boat.”

“Please stop examining my pants…”

“God’s going to fry us all.”

“But how can the moon land?”

“I’m going to make a shirt saying, ‘Free BJ!'”


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