Go watch soccer games!

Go watch soccer games

Do you know the most popular sport in the world? There are lots of sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey and football in the world. But the most played sport in the world is soccer. In America soccer is not that famous, so I want to convince you to go watch soccer games.

People should try watching soccer at least once because in most sports players use hands to control the ball, But in soccer you can use every body part except the arms and hands. Soccer looks very simple, just passing around, shooting, and scoring. But if you know soccer well, you might say soccer is a space game. Strikers have to move in to an empty space to make a chance to score and defenders have to block that space. Also, midfielders have to pass into that empty space or pass to strikers and make a space. That’s why soccer has so many tactics. So if you know well about soccer well, soccer is so much fun.

If you want to see how fun soccer is, first you need to understand soccer rules. There are eleven people on each team. The teams can have different numbers of forwards, midfielders, and defenders, but the goalkeeper must be only one person. You can score by kicking the ball into the soccer net, and if you score more than the other team you win the game. If the ball goes outside the sidelines, then a throw-in happens. The last person of the opponent’s team who touches the ball before it goes out throws in the ball to their team. If the ball goes outside the goal-line, a goal-kick or a corner-kick happens. A corner kick happens when the defending team touches the ball before it passes their goal-line. A goal-kick happens when the offending team touches the ball before it passes the defending goal-line. Both teams have a first inning for 45minutes. They rest at half time for 15minutes and they switch their sides. Then they have a second inning for 45minutes. If it’s a friendly game it doesn’t matter if it’s a tie, but if it is a tournament game and they can’t break ties during 90 minutes, they have first 15 minute extra time and then a second 15 minute extra time. If they still can’t break ties they have a penalty shoot-out.

The World Cup is one of the three biggest sports event in the world and the most popular soccer event. The World Cup has existed since 1930, and it opens in different countries every four years. Before the World Cup opens, all participating international teams have some tournaments to decide which thirty two teams will play in the World Cup. The thirty two teams split up into eight groups, and they play all of the other countries to select two teams in a group. The remaining sixteen teams have tournament matches to take first place (winners advance and losers are eliminated). The losers at the Semi-Final match play for third place.

The 2014 Brazil World Cup is coming in two years. Spain, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, and England are expected to do well in the World Cup. The matches that decide 32 teams are going to happen in a few months so You should watch and see how fun soccer is!

This is World Cup trophy

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