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The four movies you should have seen this summer.

This past year was a great year for movie buffs. The Dark Knight trilogy finally finished its last installment ending with a bang. The new start of a line of Spider Man movies has been launched and we’ll see if it can stand up to the original three. So superhero movies were big this summer especially with the Avengers and the Dark Knight but those are the movies that everyone saw as were the ones with the god awful vampires and magical teddy bears and the same Nicholas Sparks film being released for the 4th time. But there are movies that you’ve never heard of that you should have seen this past year and all were far better than any blockbuster released over the summer, aside from the Dark Knight which was unparalleled and an instant cinematic classic. So here is a list of what you must see before Christmas if you want to get anything out of the film industry of 2011-2012

MIchael Shannon in his new thriller.

4. Take Shelter
Take Shelter is the story of a man named Curtis who lives in ohio with his wife Samantha and deaf daughter Hannah. Curtis starts to have vivid nightmares of apocalyptic events that kill, injure, or maim everyone he knows or is close to and when he wakes up he has wet the bed. Because of how vivid and real his dreams become, Curtis starts to build a storm shelter in his backyard. Because he has become recently paranoid and seemingly schizophrenic, his relationship with his wife and daughter becomes strained and they start to grow apart. After overdosing on his medication, curtis starts having seizures and samantha takes him to the hospital and once he has recovered he tells her everything. So they decide ot build the shelter together as long as curtis no longer keeps things from Samantha and he goes in for real therapy and recovery.  This is a very weird movie that makes the viewer think about what they would do for family or those that they love. Directed by Jeff Nichols and holding a 92% certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes, this is a must see for anyone who is into apocalypse movies or is fascinated with mental disorders and schizophrenia.


Poster Cover Art

3. Hobo With a Shotgun

This movie is about exactly what it sounds like. A hobo with a shotgun. A hobo arrives in hope town with dreams of starting a lawn mowing business. But to save up for the lawn mower the hobo begins to peddle for change on the streets where he realizes the evil that is ruling the town, especially in the form of the towns “ruler” drake and his two homicidal sons Slick and Ivan. Instead of buying the lawn mower, the hobo buys a shotgun and goes on a rampage killing all criminals in the town.

This movie is highly graphic and dark and I cannot stress that enough but it is an absolute must see for any gore fan or anyone who loves cheesy simple movies that are just as crazy as their titles. Hobo With a Shotgun is a favorite of mine and will be the favorite of anyone who enjoys rampages, underdogs, good versus evil, and hobos.  Hobo With a Shotgun is one that you must see.

Bobcat Golthwits’ hilarious dark comedy, God Bless America

2. God Bless America
God Bless America is a dark comedy by Darko Entertainment that is both hilarious and highly controversial. An excellent movie and one of my new favorites, this movie is about a man named Frank who is divorced, lives alone, highly depressed and after visiting the doctor is informed that he is dying from a brain tumor. Frank has become beyond annoyed with how america has fallen to a state of vulgarity, violence, mockery, and idolatry of pop culture icons and reality television. After being fired from his job for false accusations of sexual harassment, realizing that his estranged daughter has become a spoiled brat, that america is going to hell in a handbasket and being told that he has a terminal brain tumor by a doctor who could not care less, Frank decides he’s going to kill everyone who promotes these awful traits, mainly celebraties. After killing his first victim, an absolutely awful teenage girl from a sweet 16 show, he meets Roxy, a quirky high school student whom shares Franks hatred of what America has become, and together they go on a cross country killing spree. Directed by Bobcat Goldthwit, an all time favorite director of mine, God Bless America is a shocking collection of morally questionable laughs and an outlet for those dark thoughts that we all know we’ve had.

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton star in this gritty drama

1. Warrior
Warrior is the dramatic tale of two estranged brothers both fighting in a mixed martial arts tournament called Sparta, where the prize is 5 million dollars. Tommy, an ex marine and current bum, visits his born again father, Paddy, and gets him to train him for Sparta after proving that he has a chance of winning by knocking out the middleweight champion of the world in 30 seconds.
Brenden, a high school physics teacher and former small time UFC fighter, gets a notice from the bank that he and his family are going to be evicted from his house if he can’t start making his payments. Because of this, he starts doing underground fighting matches for $500 a win. He gets the idea to go and fight for the grand prize at Sparta. He goes to his longtime friend who owns a gym and gets him to train and eventually he and his brother Tommy enter Sparta and proceed to fight for the grand prize. This is an ultimate story of family and fighting to survive. Directed by Gavin Oconnor, Warrior is a definite action drama that is a must see for any fight fans or anyone who enjoys a gritty drama of real world struggles. See what other siblings really fight about and compare to see if your brothers and sisters are as bad as this.


By: Daniel Gallo


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