Can we talk now? Or at least at lunch and break?

A teenager obsessed with technology, specifically cell phones.

By: Ansley Jordan

Most students at Monsignor Donovan Catholic High School have a cell phone and are limited because of the handbook.  MDCHS’s handbook states, “Cell phones, beepers, or other electronic devices may never be used during school hours and must be turned off before the students enter the building.” This statement clearly defines that cell phones may never be used during school hours. But why can we not use them during break and lunch? Is there a danger to students being on electronics during these times? The students of Monsignor Donovan have raised these questions and want some answers.

I met with Mr. Yuran, our principal, to find out the answers to questions on cell phone use. He said the reason we have a cell phone policy is for safety and public issues. All schools have electronic restrictions in their handbooks. On the safety aspect, allowing cell phones to be present during school could create much chaos if an emergency were to happen. For example,  if there was a threat to the school and we were to go on lockdown, it would be easy to keep the school informed and stress-free.  If students were allowed to use their cell phones, miscommunication would happen, similar to the game of “telephone.” Although, Mr. Yuran and the teachers both have pros and cons to allowing cell phones during certain times of the day, they are willing to hear our input.

Mr. Yuran’s interview gives us newly restored confidence for proposals to the administrators. Their open attitude allows us to share some of our comments. Many of the students would agree with this student’s quote that states, “I think if the students could use cell phones during break and lunch the teachers would see a drop in phone use during class. Students would also feel like they had been thought about and their requests had been met.” From a student’s point of view, some reasons to use our phones are to see if anyone has contacted us, whether it is family or friends. If we were able to use our cell phones during the five minutes we have between classes, or during break and lunch, we would be less likely to take a quick look during class. This would ultimately cut down from class distractions and give students a happier outlook on school.

Whether or not the cell phone policy will be changed or remain, this article is one that can have many results. If students begin to talk about this issue, and are willing to approach the administrators, a change may be possible for the future. Mr. Yuran is very willing to talk about cell phone usage if we, as students, will address it. If no change occurs because no one approaches the staff, then the rule will remain the same.

Other Monsignor Donovan students’ input on this issue:

  • “Lunch and break are our times to relax and not worry about school. Since teachers don’t seem to care when we have our phones and/or iPods out, they should just allow us to.”
  • “I think we should be able to use our phones during break and lunch because we’re not in class and it can’t cause distractions.”
  • “Being able to use our cell phones would be fantastic because I would not be reluctant to take it out if I wanted to use it!”
  • “I understand why it could be frustrating for the teachers to be constantly catching students sneaking around with their phones. Maybe if we were allowed to use our phones during break or lunch, students would check their phones less throughout class.”
  • “I would like to be able to use my phone during lunch and break so I can text my mom!”
  • “I think we should be able to use cell phones during lunch or break so that we can text our parents or family members just in case we have plans after school. We won’t be using them in class so it shouldn’t effect anyone if we use them at lunch and break.”
  • “I think we should be able to use our cell phones, because its not distracting us from school work during those times and if people can text during lunch and break there’ll be less texting during class.”
  • “We should be able to use our cell phones during lunch or break because students may need to contact their parents.”
  • “We should definitely be able to use our cell phones. What if we really need to convey a message to someone, like our parents?”

As you can see, both the students and the administrations are willingly to work together for success. This was once a long shot for the student body, but is now just an arms length away. When the student body and the facility work together as one, they can work together to create a successful environment for everyone.

Students texting during class.


2 responses to “Can we talk now? Or at least at lunch and break?

  1. I do think that the quotes are weakened by the lack of attribution. I mean, who says “convey a message” in impromptu interview? No one I know… There seems to be very little reason to not attribute quotes to their speaker in this case.

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